Sobriety House in Rupert WV

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hidden wv walls

Hidden walls in Rupert West Virginia

Can One House Really Make A Difference In Rupert WV On Drug Use? 

Nothing outside of my family has ever bothered me so much and now it has piled into two things. It first started having to walk away from this 1800’s house and then I learned how bad the Meth and Drug use in the town of Rupert WV really is.

So please give me you’re advise and help on what you would do and any thoughts. Walk away or try to raise funds to keep, restore and create a drug-free home for those in need, and want a new life. A home of daily meetings of NA and AA, a place to come for support and so much more. 

Well, let me tell you a little about why I am here.

I have spent the last two years going back and forth from home to here in Rupert WV to help out my brother and his family. Now we are packing to move him and his 16-year-old son back home to Maryland for his wife has full-blown Dementia and is in the nursing home permanent.The year before they were married she had taken out a reverse mortgage so he does not own the house and it is time to come home.

I don’t know why maybe the age and all wood walls downstairs. But for some reason, I just fell in love with this house and the little town of Rupert WV. It was one of the most peaceful places for me to be no matter what problems I was there helping with until my last and this time here.

My nephew kept telling me that meth was really bad here in Rupert. Well, now I have seen and learned how bad it all is.

I don’t think it matters to why I was coming down here so much, except I was just needed. However, after losing one car to all the extra trips and a second breaking down and leaving my very patient and understanding husband carless many weeks and days, I was not able to get down for a while. During that time my brother was introduced to Meth and has lost everything in a matter of months.

It was always just the three of them in Rupert WV.

You see his wife just loved being home and not much around crowds, so other than her brother that introduced him and passed away a few years ago he never really made friends. Well now that she was not there and his son in school and just wanting to do his own thing. I encouraged him to meet some of his son’s friends.

Meeting the meth dealer.

That was the first friend’s dad he met. Reeled him in with helping each other out, cookouts, fishing and then the introduction to what he was really about. Get my brother hooked instead of a fish. I thought it was great he was getting to know him and meetings others two. Till it seemed like he was the cab driver for everyone. Well, it worked my 60-year-old brother started smoking Meth.

In a matter of months, he lost everything.

Drugs are so powerful that all the friends he made now were all the wrong kind. He was used, taken advantage of and stolen from and all the while spending all his money and trying to fit in. I learned that some will even take your clothes to get money.

Now granted it was his fault for saying yes that first time

So seeing and learning the extent of problems with the drugs and seeing not from only him but others. I started to look up AA meetings and NA meetings and the only thing I found was one NA meeting a week here in town and you sure cannot walk to the next town over. I also see nothing for the older kids or young adults to do. They should all have somewhere to go for support on not using and maybe we can save a few lives before they also hit rock bottom like he did or die like many are.

PS: My brother is clean and sober now and excited to move home.

So why this house?

It is one of the oldest in Rupert WV, so history, the size, the way it is set up, the two car garage, and add-on parking in the driveway, the yard and one of the best advantages is the location to town.

This is what I am thinking for I really have no clue on the logistics so let me know what you think.

  1. Raise the money to buy.
  2. Get the word out.
  3. Clean it up and some restoring myself and I have help from some that live in town already.
  4. Hire someone who can live there and coördinate all volunteers.

What I think would be great to happen here is to have AA & NA meetings. Right now Rupert looks to have one NA meeting a week and that’s it. Set up a craft and hobby room to make and sell their craft. While on the back porch woodworking. Another room upstairs for online services to find jobs, learn how to create resumes and add crafts to a site store created for the house. The larger room can have a TV, Card and Board Games, and small play area for volunteers to watch kids if needed for certain meetings and classes.

Ok, now you have the idea and there are lots more we can do. Clothes drive for the community, Cookouts out back and volunteer work to help out the town. Things that will help people feel better about themselves and what they are doing to help stay sober and clean.

The best example is yourself, so I think the more that know about the house, maybe we can make a difference. 

 So what do you think? Please help me to decide if you think it is a good idea. Even if I can not get this house maybe it is something that will help one town at a time.


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